Explaining Dilma Rousseff Speech at United Nations

Mrs. Dilma Rousseff said Brazilian people appreciate and defend the freedom and that is why we will not allow any throwback in democracy. Indeed! Brazilian people defend democracy and freedom, and that is why tens of millions of us carried out huge pacific rallies during the last months demanding the impeachment of Mrs. Rousseff, because if she were to continue as the chief of the government Brazilian democracy and the people freedom would be under risk. That is why Mrs. Rousseff will be removed by law from the presidency: because Brazilian people decided to keep defending the laws, the freedom and the democracy.



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  1. Leonardo Matos disse:

    Good text, but I think you could go further and explain all the process, mentioning all the reasons, like corruption, comunists goals… and show them that we’re facing some problems, similar to the problems that the Left is causing in other countries (segregation, moral degradation, economics…)

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